'Me_Before_You'  Me Before You is the story of a girl, Louisa Clark, who lives a very ordinary life. She has had the same boyfriend for many years, worked the same job at a cafe, and doesn’t venture much outside of her small village.  She hits a bit of a rough patch,however, and she considers taking a job as a private care assistant out of desperation. The job description was for “care and companionship for a disabled man”. The job paid well and the location was very close to her home. She reluctantly applied for the job.

Louisa, commonly referred to as Lou, proceeds to go for an interview. Here she meets Camilla Traynor, the mother of the disabled man. She asks Lou some questions and Lou nervously answers her. She tells her about what she would be doing for her son and what his disability is. After all is said and done, Louisa takes the job. She meets Will Traynor the next day, the man in need of care and companionship. She quickly realizes he is stubborn, moody, and unpredictable.

From here, we see how Louisa struggles through her job trying to help Will without annoying him or getting a sarcastic or rude comment from him. We see how she eventually learns the best way to talk to Will and watch their lovely friendship blossom. Lou learns some shocking news about Will and the plans he has made for himself and she makes it her mission to show him that life is still very much worth living. We watch how the two learn about each other  and you can’t help but fall in love with this story.

You see how different Louisa and Will are from each other and how those differences change each other’s lives. Personally, I can really relate myself to Louisa in the fact that
I haven’t really traveled much. I am from a small town and still live in a small town. In the story, Will thinks that is just silly, not seeing the world. He has traveled many places all over the world and has done many interesting and fun things until his accident. What he wants more than anything is for Louisa to go out and see the world and escape from the small village where they are from. She doesn’t think she is missing out on anything, but he highly disagrees. He tries again and again to push her out of her comfort zone to truly experience life.

In the edition of the book that I have, there is a reader’s guide in the back of the book and it includes a question and answer segment with Jojo Moyes, the author. I wanted to learn all I could about her motivation to write such a unique and great novel. I read it and I really enjoyed learning about her own personal experiences and how she tied them into the book.

Me Before You is a beautifully written book that is not only very enjoyable, but also very thought-provoking. You will find yourself laughing, smiling, crying, and thinking about your own life throughout this book. This not-so-ordinary love story will make you feel so many emotions page after page.

This is the kind of book that you do not want to put down, but at the same time you really don’t want it to end. When I did finish it, I wanted to read it all over again immediately. Not only is this book a heartwarming experience, but it really makes you stop and think, and you will be thinking about this book long after you read the last page.